Back Screen Repair and Replacement

If you think chips, scratches, and cracks just affect your front windscreen, think again. All it takes is a devastating hit on the back window of your car from an unwary stone that appeared out of nowhere as you drove down the isolated highway. The little damage has now expanded to all of your rear glass till you get at your destination.

We’ve all seen dents in the back-Screen of people’s cars as they drive down the road and examined if it’s safe to drive like that. The back screen of a car is equally as crucial as the front screen but it rarely gets the same attention. Let’s take a look at how a car’s back screen works.

Back Screen

Essential Functions your car's back screen provides:

A clear back view

Your car’s back screen not only allows you to see what’s behind you, but it also ensures that you have a clear vision in the rear-view mirror. Side-view and rear-view mirrors are quite useful for reverse parking and assessing traffic behind you however, this is only possible if your back screen is clear of damage. We can ensure that our rear-vision is not risked in any way by responding quickly to any damage.

Decrease any Bigger Damages

Once the back screen is damaged, even slightly, it is more vulnerable to structural damage and if you drive with a chipped or fractured back glass for an extended period of time, it may cave in if any further impact hits it. When your back screen is broken, you are more disposed to accidents and injury.

Assists in the protection of car interiors

The interiors of your vehicle are protected from rain, pollution, and other flying debris such as stones by a damage-free back windscreen. Rainwater and snow can leak in via even minor cracks in the car back screen, causing mold on the seats, a mildew door, rusting of the car shell, and other types of damage.

Enhances the car's overall appearance

Car back screen contributes to the overall appearance of your vehicle by allowing more light into the vehicle. It gives passengers inside a sense of openness and can considerably improve visibility in poor weather.

Back screen Replacement

If the back screen is damaged in any way, it will almost certainly need to be replaced. A front windscreen can often be restored, but in most situations, a replacement is required for the back windscreen. The good thing is that we have specialists staff at Quick Car Glass. Our skilled technicians are highly trained and qualified in both front and back windshield replacement. Even better, we can usually complete the process in within an hour, leaving you with a high-quality and plenty of time to relax and enjoy your day.

Appropriate, reasonable quality, 24/7 services

We provide a same-day, 24-hour service with highly skilled professionals who will repair and replace your car back screen with the best materials available and ensure that all shattered glass is removed and properly disposed of. Our dedication to quality and customer service is unrivalled.

For back screen services within an hour, call our repair centre, or if that isn’t possible, use our mobile service. What could be happier than having an car glass repair and replacement expert meet you wherever convenient, such as your place of business, your house, or a parking lot, and perform your back screen replacement on the spot. Quick Car Glass specialists will take care of your back screen repair and replacement with excellent customer services.

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