Windscreen Repair & Replacement

Windscreen is an important component of your car. It can’t just be treated like a piece of a glass. It is an extremely important component of your vehicle that contributes to your safety. However, there are situations when we can see minor windscreen damage or chipping, which can be fatal if not repaired quickly.

Does your windscreen need to be replace or repaired? Quick Car Glass is a fantastic place to repair and replace your windscreen. Your protection is our first priority.

Our professionals will do every possible things to save your windscreen by repairing it rather than replacing it. We will perceive if it is possible to get back the unique strength and level of satisfaction. If we conclude that it is not safe to do so, we will replace it with a model that is suitable for your vehicle.

Windscreen Repair & Replacement

Expert Technicians

Quick Car Glass has a well-mannered and experienced team of technicians. Every time our technicians is on the job. We maintain quality and high level of client satisfaction. Your complete satisfaction is our top goal. We attempt to deliver the best possible service to both our individual, fleet and corporate glass customers. Please let us know if you are dissatisfied with our performance, we’ll make it right as soon as possible.


On new auto glass installations, we offer limited lifetime warranty to the vehicle owner, covering our expertise and materials. Any issues resulting from our glass installation fault, such as air or water leaks, loose moldings, or manufacturer flaws, such as stress cracks or lamination distortion, will be fixed without any charges.

We are expert in windscreen replacement

In most cases, small cracks and chips in your windscreen can be quickly fixed. For major breakage, however, full replacement may be the only option. A windscreen that has been damaged beyond repair must be replaced as soon as possible. Don’t place it longer; contact Quick Car Glass for replacement, because it can sustain impact better, windscreen glass is laminated and deemed shatter-proof. Shatter-proof glass, unlike tempered glass used in doors and other auto glass, will not shatter into wastes.

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