How to take care of an auto glass crack

Imagine you are driving and all of a sudden, your windshield or your rare window shedders to pieces. This can happen in two conditions, either a hard object just hit your windshield or it had a small crack that just grew. You have to be very careful with your car and especially with its windows; because they insure your safety. So if they suffer damages, quickly try to repair it or repair it temporarily until you reach a specialist. In previous articles we talked about auto glass cracker, their size and reparability. Now we will tell you how to fix a crack if your auto glass specialist is out of reach at the moment.

How to take care of an auto glass crack

How good it would have been if…

This is what the owner of a car says when the windshield was cracked and after a few days the crack covered the entire window. Often we take such events for granted, and the result will cost us a lot. If you do not pay attention to what we have written for you in this article; when your auto glass breaks down, you have to wait and see if you can buy a new one instead of repairing the windshield.

Be aware that none of the ways offered to prevent cracked glass will become permanent, and you should leave your auto glass in the hands of a specialist as soon as possible.

The best possible ways to prevent the spread of auto glass cracks:

  1. Cover the crack completely with superglue:

  • Wipe off all dust on the glass and around the crack. You can use alcohol, glass cleaner or soap and water to do this.
  • Apply a small amount of superglue on the crack. Do your best to spread the glue evenly over the cracks and cover it.
  • Gently wipe off excess adhesive with an alcohol wipe or lint-free cloth. To prevent cracks from spreading, be careful not to apply too much pressure to the auto glass.
  • Just do not forget that removing glue from glass cracks is not everyone’s job and requires a specialist! So if you do not know a specialist to repair your auto glass, it is better not to try this method.
  1. Use nail polish to cover cracks:

Using clear nail polish can be one of the best temporary solutions to prevent the crack of the auto glass from spreading while the car is moving. And like superglue, nail polish is very difficult to remove after use. If you really have no way to go to a specialist to repair the windshield of your car, you have to use this method eventually.

  1. Use car glass repair kits.

Bad news for DIY fans!
Most car glass repair kits are not of good quality. In addition, they are used for small cracks, and if the auto glass crack is larger than a certain size. these kits cannot save your window. Of course, if you have the ability to do technical work yourself, you can use these kits when necessary. But keep in mind that if it doesn’t go well, you will have to pay more to repair your car window.

  1. Avoid extreme heat reaching the auto glass

Heat causes the auto glass to expand while cold causes it to contract. When the windshield of your car cracks, do not expose it to extreme temperature changes. If it changes from hot to cold very quickly (or vice versa). the glass can warp and crack, causing further damage. Or worse – a new crack!

Instead, let the temperature adjust gradually. On cold days, defrost your car gently. On hot days, first turn on the air conditioner at a low level

You never drive fast on curved roads, you brake hard in sensitive situations with your car and … If you are a conscientious and law-abiding driver. and of course you care about your health and the health of your loved ones. then you should Have the same commitment for your car and auto glass.

When your car window is cracked, pay special attention to the road and try to avoid potholes. speed bumps, braking and driving on rocky terrain. Vibrations and strong shaking of the car can make cracking your windshield worse or even break. Even closing the car doors tightly can put a lot of pressure on the auto glass and cause cracks in the windshield to spread. So just gently treat your car for the next few days or hours so you can see a specialist to repair it.

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