Teaching 4 ways to prevent the progress and spread of car glass cracks

Cracking the car glass? It can be an unpleasant experience, so this unpleasant experience may happen to you and you are looking for a way to prevent your car glass from spreading. In this post, we will teach 4 ways to prevent the development and spread of car glass cracks.

Why does the car glass crack?

There are several important reasons that cause the car glass to crack. Some of these reasons are:

1.throwing a pebble at the glass

When pebbles hit the glass the glass become vulnerable due to small cracks that may not be visible at all. Sometime later with the smallest external factor the glasses are broken.

2.improper installation of glass

Sometimes it happens that you have to replace the glasses especially after accidents. If the glass is not installed correctly it will loosen over time. When the glass is loose even the vibration of the car during normal driving can cause the glass to crack. If the glass itself has a weak and poor quality structure it will crack or break very quickly.

3.close the car door tightly

Usually car glasses are so strong that they wont shatter even if you close the door with the most force.


Sometimes the glass does not break during an accident but the intensity of the impact is so strong that is cracks. After some time with the smallest trigger the glass may shatter suddenly.

5. air temperature changes

A sudden temperature change especially there is a crack on the glass can cause it to fail so be careful.

sometime your own mistakes play a role in this issue. For example:

you use boiling water to melt the ice on the glass in the winter or sometime it is very hot inside the car and you suddenly turn on the air conditioner. These points are very important while people do not pay attention to them it is better to know that not paying attention to them has a great impact on the cracking of the glass.

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How to fix and prevent more car glass cracks

Previously, we have explained to you 7 ways to break the auto glass in an emergency to save yourself and learn how to remove writing or paint stains from the car glass. On the other hand, repairing a cracked car glass can be done very easily and faster than you think. Sometimes, using very simple techniques, you can repair a crack in 10 minutes or less. So, in the following, we will introduce the methods of preventing the progression of car glass cracks and repairing the car glass.

Preventing more car glass cracks by using super glue

You can get these glues from stores, some stores know this glue as car glass crack glue. Before attempting to fill the crack and repair the car glass, clean the car glass with a towel. Then, apply super glue on the gap created in the car glass. Allow the glue to dry and then place a piece of clear tape over the area to prevent dust from falling onto it. With this method, you were able to temporarily repair the car glass using everyday items.

Prevent the increase of cracks in the car glass by using the car glass repair kit

Car windshield repair kits are available at some glass repair shops or online stores. The method of using these kits is fully available in the product box, but in general, there is a drill in these kits, by using these drills, you drill the beginning and end of the crack using a small so-called blind hole, then using a special substance that is very strong like glue, you pour it on the crack so that it enters the crack and increases the strength of the glass. Unlike the previous method, this method can be considered a permanent method. Because if this method is done correctly and skillfully, it can permanently prevent the increase of cracks.

Car glass crack repair using adhesive tape

Dust and moisture are the two biggest threats to further damage to cracked car glass. As it is clear, humidity and dust are two factors that are found in large quantities in the air outside the car, and these two factors are the possibility of increasing cracks and an obstacle to removing cracks in the car glass 4u. Therefore, covering the crack with the help of adhesive tape can create a barrier and protection against dust and moisture and prevent the crack from growing. It is recommended to use a clear adhesive tape for this, because using this method of repairing the car glass will not temporarily prevent the increase of the crack and the driver’s forward vision will not decrease.

Avoid extreme temperature changes

In a more correct way, it can be said that this method does not have an effect on fixing car glass cracks, but only prevents the crack from spreading. Glass expands in hot air and contracts when it cools. In cold weather, if you place the heater valve towards the windshield of your car, it may cause a sudden crack in the car glass. To prevent this from happening, try to avoid large temperature changes as much as possible. You may say to yourself that these glasses are made for such conditions, yes, it is true, but at high temperature differences, the glass may crack.

On the other hand, if there are cracks, if you park your car directly and for a long time in direct sunlight or cause a temperature shock, the car glass may increase in cracks.

Your comments and suggestions?

In today’s article, we introduced you the methods of repairing cracked car glass and fixing cracked car glass. Do you know other ways to do this? You can share it with us along with your other opinions, suggestions and experiences in the field of repairing broken car glass in the comments of this post.

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