Tutorial to smoke car glass

Reasons to smoke car glasses

There are several reasons for smoke car glass. Some people like these glasses and some people go for smoked glasses for security reasons or to block the sunlight inside the car. in the southern cities of the country, smoked glass is used due to direct sunlight.

Fines for smoking car glass and traffic laws about it

darkening the car glass should be done within the framework of traffic laws. Otherwise, there will be a fine. In Iran, 35 to 40% of smoking car glasses are allowed. In fact, the opacity of the glasses should be such that the occupants of the car are clearly visible.

for people in the group of state officials, it is possible to use glasses with a higher percentage of smoke. the reason why political and diplomatic cars have smoky and dark glass is that people inside the car are not visible. If the opacity of the car glass is more than the allowable limit Traffic police can fine the owner or even confiscate the car.

 Special conditions for smoking car glass

technical inspection centers also have rules for smoking car glass. This center doesn’t allow smoking in the rear glass of cars. If a vehicle has a rear glass that has a smoke label, the inspection centers do not give that certificate. The reason for this ban is also rooted in driving safety. A driver who smokes the rear glass loses part of his rear view and can not drive safety. If the smoked glass is factory-made and not labeled there will be no more problems, and the technical inspection centers will not have a problem with this issue. this is also allowed if the police can see the occupants from a distance of less than 3 meters. In this case, the technical inspection card of the car with smoked glass will be issued without any problems.

tutorial to smoke car glass

What is the method of smoking car glass? There are several ways.

  • Smoking car glass in the factory
  • Smoking the glass manually

1.   Smoking car glass in the factory

Some cars have smoked glasses from the beginning and go through this process in the factory. The factories smoke according to the defined standard.

2.   Smoking the glass manually

To do this you need labels and tools such as: cutter, spatula, scraper, heater, household or industrial hair dryer, and…This requires a great deal of skill and you should not allow dust to accumulate under the smoky glass label.

Important points in installing the label

There are some things to keep in mind when smoking car glass.

  • sticking a smoky sticker on a car glass doesn’t require special equipment or skill, but you must work with focus to get the result clean.
  • if the amount of smoke in the rear and front glasses is the same, there will be more beauty in appearance.
  • Some car windshield sticker labels are UV. The price These labels is higher.
  • Do not use the car for one day after affixing the labels to the car glasses until the labels stick to the glass.
  • Smoke labels are harder to install for cars with concave glass. For example, the rear window of the Peugeot 206 is concave and curved, which makes it harder to smoke car glass

kinds of car smoked glass

Labels are available both in the usual form and with the ability to prevent UV penetration. Labels with this feature (UV labels) have better quality. If you buy a better quality label it will be less likely to break.

Smoked label life

Poor quality labels lose their bubbles after a while and detach from the glass. If you make a good label, it will work for you for about 10 years.

Disadvantages and advantages of smoking


Smoking car glasses can both block sunlight and cool the cabin space, as well as other benefits such as increasing the strength of the glasses. if the glass is damaged the presence of a smoke label prevents them from falling and maintains the stability of the glass. In fact, the presence of a smoky glass label in accidents involving the breaking of auto glass can play a role in maintaining the health of the occupants and the driver.

Smoking the glass can also prevent it from scratching. painting and labeling glasses is a way to increase its resistance to scratches. Scratch free glass makes driving safer and easier.

In addition to the stylish appearance of the car that has smoked glasses, the equipment inside the cabin is also protected from sunlight and is less damaged.


One of the problems with smoked car glass is that it can distort the driver’s vision. If the driver cant see behind him, there is a possibility of traffic accidents. That is why the traffic police are against the high percentage of opacity in cars glass.

But if the frosting of the glasses is standard, there will be no problem and the occupants will be more comfortable. This is why many of the world’s most famous car companies smoke side and rear glasses, keeping only the driver’s glass clear.

the price of smoked car glass

The price of glass smoke labels depends on several factors. Both the type and quality of the labels are different and each model of car wants its own label. The car smoke label will cost more for higher models. But the price of the label starts from about 100 thousand tomans and reaches more than one million tomans.

At the end

Smoking car glass depends on people’s tastes. Some people like to have a car with smoky glasses. Some do this for other reasons. this requires compliance with the rules that are reviewed by the traffic police, and you may face confinement and fines if you break the law. be careful when choosing a label for smoky glass. Because poor quality material will break down and will need to be replaced.

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