Five ways to prevent the windshield from freezing

Driving in winter has its own challenges one of the most common of these challenges is freezing car glasses. With these 5 easy methods you can try to prevent the windshield from freezing and destroy it.

Prevent the windshield from freezing

If you live in cold areas and places where the temperature drops below zero degrees centigrade in winter, the frostbite of your car glasses are probably the most familiar image you encounter every morning.

It is normal that with car whose glasses are frozen cannot be drive, and your first step every morning will be to fix this problem. but do not worry; There are simple ways to do this, here are 5 ways to prevent the windshield from freezing and ways to eliminate it.

Using from lukewarm water

Lukewarm water is probably the most homemade and easy way that you have available. Of course note, that we mean lukewarm water that has a little heat, not freshly boiled and hot water, because in this case, as soon as hot water is poured on the frozen glasses of your car, there is a possibility of cracking or breaking the glasses.

Also, if you live in an area where the air is too cold and the air is still below zero degrees when you want to resolve the frostbite, maybe it is better not to do that, because it leads to rapid freezing of the same hot water.

However, this is how it works: Sprinkle warm water gently on your car glasses to melt the frost on the glasses with its heat. Then with a napkin remove the ices from the surface of the glasses.

Using from antifreeze for Prevent the windshield from freezing

There are two ways you can prepare the antifreeze you want; The first is by visiting the store and buying it in person or online, and the second is preparing homemade antifreeze. Depending on your budget and the time and patience you have, you can choose between these two options.

To make homemade antifreeze, pour some alcohol into a clean container or an empty spray bottle and add a few drops of dish washing liquid. Close the lid of the sprinkler or container and shake the mixture to mix well, now spray this homemade antifreeze combination on your car glasses.

The same goes method to work with commercial and ready-made antifreeze, which is available in different types and brands in the market these days. Spray the antifreeze on the glass and after about a minute wait for it to penetrate the ice, wipe the glass with a towel or spatula.

Using from a credit card instead of a spatula

You may not be near your home when your car glasses are frozen or you may not have the equipment to do any of the methods listed above.

In this case, you can use another simple method. First, turn on your car heater to keep the glasses slightly warmer, then use a credit card such as your bank card, certificate or fuel card instead of a spatula and scrape the ice from the glasses.

The best way to do this is to hold the edge of the card at the opposite angle to the glass and press firmly. Try to keep the card as flat as possible so that it does not bend, otherwise the card may break. In any case, it is better to use a card that you no longer use, or if it breaks, it will be easier for you to renew it.

Using from hot water bag

Another home method to remove ice from auto glass is to use hot water bags or hand and foot heaters, although the second item is less common in Iran.

There is also another home method for making a heating bag, which is to put some rice in a microwave zippered bag or cloth bag and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then, from inside the car, pull your hot bag to the glasses to thaw the ice.

In this method, it is better to have the car heater on to help the ice melt faster. After you are sure that the frost has cleared and only the resulting moisture remains on the glasses, hit the wiper to clear the glasses and get your car ready to move.

Prevent the windshield from freezing

Cover the glasses for Prevent the windshield from freezing

Another quick way to resolve car frostbite is to Prevent the windshield from freezing! This will make your job easier and the next morning you will not have to do any of the above methods to resolve your car frostbite.

To do this, at the end of the night and after using your car, cover the glasses with a car cover, or even a towel or thick cloth so that the dew does not fall on the glasses during the night or if your car is parked outdoors, rainfall and then freezing does not bother you.

Just be aware that in the morning when you want to remove the coating from the glasses. it will definitely be wet, and it is better to put a layer of tarpaulin or even thick plastic in your trunk so that the desired coating does not get wet everywhere.

What methods do you have to Prevent the windshield from freezing and remove them? Share your experiences with us and the readers of Click.

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