Types of car glass

Types of car glass: Car glass, one of the most important and sensitive part in the automotive industry that car buyers do not pay much attention to it and even in the car trading it is not ignored at all. Regarding the importance of Auto glass quality (autoglass) it should be mentioned that is constitutes at least one percent pf the car price which is not a low amount considering the current price of the car. Glass is one of the special industries in the automotive industry due to its delicacy and sensitivity.

The glass in the car is very effective as insulation against sound, UV, soil, wind and rain. Suppose the glasses of your car are broken. What happens to car occupants during storms and rain?

Types of car glasses

Car glass is especially designed for each car brand and varies from car to car.  A car has different types of glass that include: Windshield, rear window, front door glass, rustic glass, flexible front or rear window, as well as roof glass (or sunroof glass).

pay attention to the car below. The design of this car is such that all kinds of glass are used in it.

The image below shows an example of these types of car glasses.

Some cars have all these types of glasses, but Some cars do not. We explain by giving an example. Pay attention to the image below. Peugeots popular car is the 206 hatchback. The side glasses of Peugeots 206 include: front door glass and rear door glass, and there is no mention of flexible glass or rustic glass and sunroof glass. But in the previous picture, we depicted a car that included all kind of car glass.

Differences between types of car glass

What is The difference between the windshield with side glasses and the rear glasses?

We are faced with two types of glass technology. It means laminated glass and securite glass (unbreakable). Windshield is a type of laminated glass. The windshield of the car is made and installed to protect the front passengers from wind, rain, possible debris on the road, throwing stones, etc. as well as to create a suitable aerodynamic property of the car.

Car windshield

 First to the resident, the windshield was made of ordinary glass, which was very dangerous because due to the impact, the broken glass and the broken pieces were winning and very damaging.  Then, safety glass was used, and the installation of glass in the frame using rubber and glue became common, but it was still dangerous.  After that, for the first time, Henry Ford used laminated glass to make car windshields, which is much safer than other windshields, and to this day, laminated glass is used to make windshields.  In other articles we will talk more about windshield.

Car side glasses

Side glasses include flexible glass, front and rear door glasses and car windshields.

Side glasses are usually made of Securite glass. These glasses are also known as toughened or tempered glass, which are much more durable than ordinary glasses. After Forming and cutting, the glass is heated to a temperature of 600 to 700 degrees in a heat process and cools down quickly. This will increase the strength of the glass up to ten times. Due to severe impact and breaking of securite glass, the glass becomes Very small pieces without sharp edges that do not pose a danger to people and minimize damage.

Note the two pictures below. Securite glass is broken by severe impact with the image pattern on the left and is not dangerous. While ordinary or poor quality glass is broken with the pattern on the right, which is very dangerous because the sharp edges of the glass are very winning.

These two pictures show that you should pay special attention to the quality of the glass and the originally of the glass when buying.

Rear window with car element

The Element refers to the heater lines on the rear window of the car. These heating lines give the driver a good view while driving in the cold season. In the cold season, when it rains or snows and the car heater is on, steam and droplets on the rear window disturb the drivers vision, so by connecting the car power to the heater lines, the heat generated causes the steam to evaporate. Destroy the windshield and provide proper visibility for the driver. The rear window of the car is also made of black round securite.

 Is it recommended to buy and install car glass made in iran for imported cars?

There can be no general and fixed answer to this question, but in general it can be said that, considering the development of the glass industry in iran, buying windshield and door glass for most imported cars (due to the price difference with the imported product) is definitely recommended. of course, the internal brand name is also important. Do not buy any brand.

How to calculate the price of car glass?

There are three factors involved in pricing a car windshield installation of car glass: The price of the car windshield itself, which makes a big difference due to its versatility and originality. Discuss the amount of installer salary, which is also determined by the experience and quality of the installers work. Factor3: for the front and rear windows, which require the use of glass adhesive, the price, quality and brand of the adhesive used are very important. The sum of these three factors determines the final price.

Types of Car glass installation and time required

It will vary depending on the experience of the installer and the equipment used during installation and the type of glass purchased. In some cases, buying different glass will waste time and reduce the quality of work output, so before buying, definitely get the necessary advice and then decide to buy the product.

Is a smoky label better or a smoked glass?

If you own a car whose fabric smocked glass is available in the market, it is better to prioritize the purchase of fabric smocked glass. Make sure that the smocked glass is solar, otherwise it is better to use the original smocked solar label. In this article we will fully explain car glass smocking.

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