8 key question about repairing the rear window

While driving, you should have a clear vision of your front and back and noting should disturb your focus. Just like your windshield, your rear window can suffer a lot of miniature cracks that can lead to big fractures. Also the heating system of this window can get damaged. So you should be careful and get you car serviced in order to avoid major problems in your car glass and while driving. Just like we mentioned in our windshield article, there are few things to consider before rushing into replacing your rear window and we talk about them in this article.

8 key question about repairing the rear window of your car

Our customers have many questions about repairing or replacing their car windows. This article will answer your main concerns so that you can make the best decisions about your car glass.

An intact rear window helps you drive with confidence and have a good view of the back of your head. An important feature of this window in cold and rainy weather is having a heater to remove ice and fog. The heater may also suffer some failures and this may cause problems for your sight so you would have to pull over just to clean the window.  


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1- Which one of auto glasses needs changing, your windshield or the rear window?

Sometimes when our customers get in touch with us, it happens that they ask us to repair the windshield but they mean the rear window. So always keep in mind that the rear window is different from the front window. Of course, we always ask some questions to ensure your request so that your time is not taken due to the wrong order.

2 - Does the rear window need repairing or replacing?

In many cases repairing the rear window costs much less than replacing it. But it depends on the fracture condition. All our efforts are to save your time and of course the extra costs. So when you call us, with a few short questions, we can guess the amount of damage to the windows of your car

If your car glass needs to be replaced or repaired quickly, just call our number: 07429121210

3 - What do the lines on the rear window do?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, these lines are connected to the rear window heating wires. In cold, rainy weather or when the windshield is foggy these lines help remove the frost and fog from it so that you do not have trouble seeing while driving. At London Quick Car Glass, we test these wires at the end of the car replacement to ensure that they work properly before the car is delivered to you.

4 - How can I purchase the rear window of my car?

This may not seem easy at first. Automotive companies produce a variety of cars with different characteristics. It is obvious that the size of the rear window of the cars is different from each other. Therefore, in order to replace your auto glasses, you need to send us your Vehicle identification Number. So that we can get exactly the same glass as approved by your car manufacturer. The Vehicle identification Number is written at the bottom of the windshield on the driver’s side or on the engine of your car.

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5 - Is the rear window heater repairable or replaceable?

Small cracks in these heating strips can easily be repaired. You can do this at home, using a DIY repair kit, or consult a specialist who can repair your broken glass heater in no time. Just contact us to repair the broken rear window of your car.

6 - How much does it cost me?

As mentioned earlier, the cost of this service depends on several factors, the three most important of which are:

  • Type of fracture, crack or injury
  • Which part of your car glass has been damaged? Rear window, windshield or side windows
  • Does your car have insurance or not?

7. When can I contact London Quick Car Glass specialists?

Our company services are provided to you 24/7. If the windshield of your car breaks anywhere in London and you are unable to drive, call us immediately to assist you.

8. How long does it take for the rear window of my car to be replaced or repaired?

The time for replacing or repairing the windows of a car depends on several factors. Is the rear window broken and needs to be replaced, or is crack in such a way that it can be repaired? Sometimes the fracture is so large that it takes a long time to clean around the glass frame to get the job done. But the average time required to replace the window is approximately 1 hour.

You can contact us 24 hours a day to get an appointment in order to replace or repair your rear window. You can also register your request on our website so that we can contact you and give you free advice on damages to your auto glass. Do not forget to save our contact number on your phone so that you can call us at any time of the day when necessary.

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