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Imagine sitting in a taxi with windows down; at first, the wind feels nice, but after few minutes you start to feel a bit cold and maybe numb. Now imagine traveling from London to Cambridge in this condition; you will get unconscious because of the strong wind. The side windows of the car have a lot of roles one of which, to protect the occupants. They also help in the aerodynamics of the car so it can reach higher speeds and burn less petrol. In this article we talk about few things to consider if you ever get a crack on your side windows.

What are the most important things to do when replacing the side window?

an important role in the safety of your occupants. These windows help you when driving at high speeds and/or strong winds, and even when you park your car on the side of the road to do something or go to a party at a friend’s house; They protect the inside of the car. But what to do when one of them is cracked or fractured?

 Can the car side window be repaired or should it be replaced? First of all, replacing this window is relatively easier than replacing other windows like the windshield or rear window. But if the side window of your car has cracks or small breaks, you should replace the glass, because you can no longer raise or lower the glass, and this is the worst case scenario!

1- Complete cleaning of existing glass shards from the previous glass on side windows

The first things we do before replace the side windows  of your car is to thoroughly clean the broken glass pieces inside your car. Complete accomplishment of this work helps us to ensure that the final quality of the work is at a desirable level. Do not forget that the presence of any extra or dirty objects in the range of the new glass can cause trouble in the future. The car side windows are made of Tempered glass. This type of glass is designed to turn into tiny sand-like pieces. This design does not allow the occupants of the car to be harmed by large pieces of glass. If any of the tiny glass sands get in the way, your window will not close completely.

2- Placing the new glass in a completely correct way

High accuracy and experience at this stage will help our experts so that we can put the side glass in place in a completely accurate and correct way. Any mistake in this area will cause problems in the future. You may ask yourself, what is the worst mistake that can happen at this stage? Well, you will notice, after you pick up your car and try to raise and lower the car window! At London quick car glass, with our expertise in providing this service, we assure you that these steps will be performed correctly and with high accuracy. If the side window of your car is broken, contact us at any time of the day:


3- The final stage of work on side windows

In order to replace the side window of the car, it is necessary to open the inner panel of the car door. Finally, after cleaning the glass and removing any dirt and foreign objects from inside your car door, we replace the inner panel of the door and clean the door. Now we the job is done and you can enjoy your driving.


  • Here are some things to keep in mind:

– If your car side window is broken, you must get the window that fits the standards provided by car manufacturer and is verified by them.

– If the side window of your car is cracked, never leave the car in the same condition and before doing anything; contact an expert to replace it; because this window of a car breaks easily if cracked.

– When receiving the car and after replacing the car side window, check the glass lift switches and test them to make sure they work properly. Otherwise, immediately notify the expert who replaces the window of your car to solve the problem.

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How much does it cost to replace a car side window?

It does not matter which of your car windows is broken; The front door or the back. There is no different. In any case, the window of your car must be replaced for all the reasons mentioned in this article.

Do not worry about anything; we are ready to answer your questions 24/7, as well as providing you with services in London. It is enough to contact our experts on: 07429121210

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