A flying bird or a thrown stone, or simply a strong wind can cause saviour damage to your car and specially your windshield. Some of these cracks can be repaired. But if you take them for granted, they can turn into fractures. And that is when it is too late for repairing; it should be replaced. Your windshield plays a very important part in your focus while driving. So it has to be clean and without cracks. But as we just said, it is so easy to get a minor one. There are some questions we face when it comes to a car services and to be more specific; car glasses. There are a lot of factors that you have to consider before deciding. This article will give you some advice about the size of the cracks and fractures and their reparability.  

When should I repair or replace my windshield?

Occasionally, cracking your car  glass can cause irreparable damage to you and your passengers. But there are always questions that need to be answered before repairing or replacing your windshield:

  • Which one of the fractures or cracks are repairable?
  • What is the size of a broken or cracked car window?
  • where in the windshield has the fractured or the crack occurred?
    • Can I repair the windshield of my car by myself at home?
  • Which cost is more rational? Repairing or replacement?

You may think that to answer these questions you should consult with an expert to find the best and fastest solution, but this article gives you all the information you need. If you think you should repair or replace your windshield immediately, contact us at any time of day or night.

Before answering the questions above, let us know a little more about the causes of damage to the windshield …

How does the windshield break or crack?

Rocks, pebbles and gravel thrown at your car from the tires of the car in front are the main reasons for this. But other things like falling objects or tree branches in stormy weather, sudden changes in climate temperature, and poorly installed car glasses are not ineffective in breaking or cracking them. Our suggestion to you is to park your car under a roof or a safe place at the first place so that you do not face a broken windshield when you return to your car.

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Which one of the fractures or cracks can be repaired?

It all depends on the fracture or crack that has occurred. Small cracks can usually be repaired and you can have your car delivered in the shortest time. Something very important is the time and money you have to spend on repairing or replacement. The following tips will help you guess how long it will take to repair or replace a broken windshield and how much you will be charged.

Usually small fractures and cracks that no one cares about turn into a big trouble. When you drive on the road or city streets, you may lose your focus and endanger your life. But how? They can grow and cover all the windshield of your car at once.

 Of course, do not forget that their size and position are very important. Because some fractures cannot be repaired due to their position on the car window or their large size, you should pay for the complete replacement of it.

If you think you need to repair your windshield immediately, be sure to contact us

What is the size of a broken or cracked car window?

The first thing to consider is the size of the crack or fracture on the car glass. Cracks that can be repaired are usually the size of a small coin. They should be at least 7 cm away from the side of your windshield and, most importantly, should not be within the driver’s sight. The size of the crack or fracture can be up to 4 cm, which depends entirely on its location and, of course, the extent of the crack from a small fracture.

where in the windshield has the fracture or the crack occurred?

Once you have determined the extent of the damage to your windshield, it is time to determine its position. Be aware that this is one of the most important causes of accidents and loss of control of the car while driving. When a driver cannot see the road and the cars in front of him, the danger is lurking around and something bad may happen.

As we said, the size of a crack or fracture and its reparability depends entirely on its position on the windshield. If the fracture is located exactly in front of your eyes and the steering wheel, its size should not be more than 1 cm. This area is about 29 cm from the length of the windshield. The next area is exactly to the left and right of the driver. These two positions are still dangerous considering the drivers sight and of course not easy to repair. But the size of the cracks can be up to 1.5 cm. The next area is the field of vision next to the driver, which can be repaired if it is up to 2.5 cm. The last area can be on the sides of the windshield, which of course as we said above should be at least 7 cm away from the edge of the glass. The size of cracks or fractures in this position can be up to 4 cm.

Can I repair the windshield of my car by myself at home?

If you surf in social media, you have probably come across some ads about materials used to repair the windshield. In this case, an important point that you have to consider is that you cannot always have the same quality if you shorten the budget. In addition to quality materials, repairing car glasses require sufficient experience and expertise to prevent the return or increase of the crack. The decision is yours. No one says you cannot repair your windshield by yourself, but if you have a broken glass on your car, you should buy a new one!

We at London quick car glass are ready to talk to you at any time of the day or night to repair your car, just call our number:

Is it better to replace the windshield or repair it?

The cost of repairing or replacing your car windshield depends on several factors; the experience and expertise of the executive. As we said in this article, the size of the crack and its location has a big impact on the cost of repair. But when the cracks are likely to come back or the fracture may grow, replacing the glass is definitely a better solution for you. So you would pay less in the long run and waste less time.

Recognizing the cost of repairing and replacing the windshield of a car requires an experienced consultant; who can use his expertise to help you choose the best option and method of repairing. We at London quick car glass help you make the best decision to repair your auto glass.

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